Experience and Capabilities

The seasoned design and fabrication professionals at Innoquip Design Group Inc. offer customers the following services:

  • New facilities design (production, batch plant etc.) including permit applications, civil, foundation, landscape, plumbing, electrical and architectural design.
  • "Fit for purpose" study before property purchase.
  • Custom machinery design and fabrication.
  • Materials Handling equipment design and fabrication.
  • Retro-fit design to upgrade existing production facilities.
  • Production improvement studies.

Simplicity in Design

Simplicity in design means that we have to work hard at trying to do more with less resulting in more economic construction and ultimately less costly maintenance.

We turn Problems into Solutions

If you need to put a Ready Mix batch plant on a property that borders environmentally sensitive areas and is small, we work out a totally enclosed plant that does not even look like a Ready Mix operation and we incorporate a practical and convenient traffic flow. Ask Rempel Bros. Concrete Ltd. In Langley, BC.

If you are a Ready Mix producer in New Zealand and the National Safety Board does not allow you to have mixer truck feed chutes, we design an articulated chute that allows you to quickly and safely transfer concrete from your holding hopper into your mixer truck in a drive-through bay. Ask Holcim Avondale.


These two examples also highlight the difference in the scope and size of the projects we take on. Large or small, all of our projects benefit from our 30 plus years of experience in design and engineering work for the concrete industry as well as our policy to keep our designs simple.

At the Innoquip Design Group we always use the most up-to-date engineering and design software.

Machinery is designed using Autodesk Inventor 3D and for production facilities layouts and general design we use AutoCAD. For foundations and general structural design the latest Finite Element Analysis software is put to use to allow detailed earthquake resistance analysis as well as CISC Code checks.

When you contract with Innoquip Design Group Inc. for engineering services or fabrication, you will be assured of prompt attention to your requirements and practical, economical solutions.

Contact us for more information about our experience and capabilities.